Our unique print on demand and sales solutions

Ever since we started our endeavors, we've been at the forefront. We always adapt to the latest and greatest off and online technologies; from unique print on demand concepts, charity and funding, to adapting to responsive web applications.

Our trademark solutions have become market leaders in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We are looking to expand worldwide. Interested in becoming a partner?

Our main brands are:

TekenFund - Charity for schools

Our tried and tested full fledged print on demand platform where children sell their artwork on a large variety of products to their relatives. Specifically tailored to nurseries, primary and secondary schools, our trademark solutions provide easy-access systems for schools looking to fund personal projects or charities of their choice.

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Schoolcards - Classic cards

A fully automated fundraising platform for primary and secundary schools for selling postcards. Artwork from each child is printed on postcards and sold to relatives. Schoolcards provide a easy-access system for schools looking to fund personal projects or charities of their choice.

Currently active in:

ClubFund - Funding Sports Clubs

Many sports clubs look for additional funding. Either for equipment, maintenance, new (artificial) playing fields or for their club activities. With our ClubFund solution, and with the help of their members own 'Fanshops', they can easily create new funding. 

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Good4Funds - Personalised funding

Sell your artwork to relatives and challenge your friends to do the same. Good4Funds is a platform to fund your charity with your own unique customized photoproducts.

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WoodPrinter - Interior design

Saas solution for print providers with flatbed printing facilities. Introduce WoodPrinter on your market and expand your business with exclusive wooden panels for home decoration.

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