Unique print on demand and sales solutions

Medialen was founded in the Netherlands in 1997 by Paul van Roessel and Patrick Sala. They launched their business to improve the affordability and quality of one to one communications.  

As a result, the company has grown to a new generation of professionals whose ideals and values are the decision making guide. Building elegant solutions that set new standards for online marketing and fundraising.

Medialen always focused on delivering next-generation and value-adding solutions. Combining the low unit costs of mass production processes with the flexibility of individual customization has always been the hallmark of Medialen since its very beginning. 

A success story that has gone from startup to well over 800.000 web- and fanshops a year in which our customized products are sold.


Some of our key milestones over the years:

1997 : Medialen one to one communications is founded 

1999 : Introduction of SchoolCards, fundraising for primary and secundary schools 

2001 : Medialen opens Belgium branch in Overpelt and introduces Tekenfund on the Dutch and Belgium market

2003 : Expanding to Germany, office in Kempen (Germany) opened in May

2004 : New production plant Medialen Netherlands optimally equipped for mass customization

2006 : Medialen breaks the barrier of 10,000,000 personalised products annual

2008 : Medialen cross-media platform added to variabele data printing-projects

2010 : Expanding production facilities in the Netherlands 

2012 : Focus on fundraising and personalised webshop technology

2013 : Introduction of FotoFund, 'Club-Fanshops fundraiser’

2014 : Introduction of Good4Funds in response to the Ice Bucket Challenge

2016 : Introduction of ClubFund, loyalty program for supermarkets

2017 : Introduction of Kunstweken in the Netherlands and Belgium, Educational Art Project 

Upcoming in 2019:

(Unnamed) several local loyalty programs for supermarkets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany